Annie's 5th Avenue



New sensory casual game "Annie's 5th Avenue"

▶ Clicker + Tycoon = Annie's 5th Avenue!!
"Times Square Annie" has applied Tycoon's simple game play system for players to easily access the game.

▶ UI system that is easier and intuitive!!
"Annie's 5th Avenue" uses intuitive UI system which makes it easier so anyone can enjoy the game.

▶ Create Shopping Avenue that stimulates women's senses
Build shops that are inspired by tour sites of Europe and South-East Asia by playing "Annie's 5th Avenue"~!

▶ Various cute characters, costumes, & buff system
With "Annie's 5th Avenue" you can enjoy costume item with charming character friends.

★ Attention ★

1. If it's your first play, login to your Google account to safely prevent losing your game data.
2. When you save the game data, make sure you don't quit or turn off your device before you see "Game data saved" popup message.
3. If you delete the game or change the device, all of your data will be initialized so we recommend you to login through the Google game service.

* You can play Annie's 5th Avenue in English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese



Download cracked APK of Annie's 5th Avenue ( com.whalebird.bongsuk5th_tokyo )

Version 1.5.2
Heisenberg Download


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