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This game is a revival of the good old games 'Breakout' or 'Arkanoid' which we played in the 80`s. But this is a bit different from almost all other 'brickbreaker' games.
This game goes into depth.
Here you must destroy the bricks in a 3D room, like a squash court with a window at the front. But mostly with no floor ;-).

The aim of the game is to destroy all (transparent) bricks by hitting them with the ball or with a bullet. You lose a life if the last ball flys behind the paddle. You will reach the next level by destroying all (none solid) bricks. Some bricks must hit more often then 1x to be destroyed. Use the Paddle in x and z direction to avoid losing the ball.

The major challenge of this game is to handle the depth. A grid at the bottom, shadow of balls and/or light reflection (of the first two multi-) balls should help (indirectly) to handle the z-direction.

All you need is a dry finger and a good three-dimensional imagination.

• 120 level for long gaming fun
• Many helping (and some "frustrating") feautres, like extra-, multi-, fireball, levelwarp, shrink and grow paddle in x and z direction, fast and slow ball, windzones, shooting and a rebound floor
• Advanced pause (Score and balls of last solved level will automatically saved if you quit the application)
• Optional "rebound floor" at start of every level (better for beginners - on by default)
• 3D game
• 3D stereosound (depending on device)
• Customize quality for a better performance
• Customize sensitivity of the paddle for your device
• Hide "help grid" to get more bonus
• No ads



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Version 1.6.9
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