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We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Unfortunately we had a CPU Issue in the last version of the app. That's neither scam nor a wanted behavior. There was simply an error in one of the Frameworks we're using. Please be so kind and reinstall the App. We hope, we convince you about the quality of our app. There are many new features.

To simplify: It's as a simple & clean looking Smartphone App! And it's also the most informative Cryptocurrency App you'll find!

Orig. Data
Almost 2000 Currencies
Search trough < 2000 Coins
Set up list with your favorites
1h, 24h & 7d Change
Share actual Price of a Coin
View info directly on CoinMarketCap
All Markets like BTC/USD, BTC/EUR...
Realtime Trades from all Exchanges
365 Day History of every Coin
More than 80 Exchanges + Pairs
Global Info + Global Charts
Trending ICOs
Event Calendar (Forks, etc.)
Newsticker with 30 news daily
Completely Ad-Free
Works on Tablets



Download cracked APK of CoinViewer: Cryptocurrency Pro ( com.condacore.coinmktcap )

Version 2.2
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