Color Night Vision Camera

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This app will digitally amplify the slightest light beam reaching the camera of your device trying to simulate the real night vision goggle functionality.

So it needs some light to work.

You can use this application to see items and people that you wouldn't be able to see with a normal camera app, take pictures at low light, as a torch app at complete darkness and maybe as a mirror application using the front camera.

Algorithm used is now revealed!
The algorithm used by this app is based on the histogram equalization method. It will try to maximize the contrast of the image adapting to the light conditions. (Find more information here

With the latest update an application of the adaptive histogram equalization by interpolation algorithm is included. If you unlock the feature the screen will be divided to a grid of smaller parts. The histogram equalization algorithm will be then applied individually to each part.
You can find more information here

The application also includes the following features
- Optimizes camera for low light conditions.
- Gain slider to control the digital amplification.
- Exposure compensation slider to manually adjust the brightness of the camera preview.
- Pitch level - shows the horizontal pitch level of the device.
- Angle cross hair - show the angle of the device.
- Vertical compass - shows the geographic direction of the device when hold vertical.
- Horizontal compass - shows the geographic direction of the device when hold horizontally.
- Touch to focus at the desired location.
- Customized effect improves the color of the image.
- Color, green, red and black&white filters.
- Silent mode - shutter on/off.
- Zoom control
- Flash options depending on your device (On, off, auto, red eye, torch)
- Automatic brightness adjustment, works on normal light as well.
- Switch camera
- Last image captured display - click to open gallery

Photo editing functionality. You can apply the color night vision unique algorithm to process dark photos and give them some light.
Edited photos can be used as wallpaper or be shared with any known methods like to Facebook or upload to cloud.

Disclaimer: Real night vision goggles works on both visual and infrared light and are much more sensitive than a standard camera sensor. The performance of this application depends a lot on the quality of the camera and will not be able to work on total darkness i.e. no light no vision.



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Version 7.14
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