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Join Flo as she and her friend Kit work to find out what has caused all of the chaos at the Munterling Mansion.

So far on our adventure, Flo and Kit can explore the first five levels. You can also explore the start of the playground where in the future you will be able to build your own puzzles.

We are continuing to add content. Right now we are in development of 45 more levels that will be added to the initial adventure. We are also working on tools to allow for more player generated content.

To see the latest game development progress, please follow us at:

Or you can visit the company website at:

Terms of Use: http://bawdenstudio.com/ElectricFlo_EULA.pdf
Privacy Policy: http://bawdenstudio.com/ElectricFlo_PrivacyPolicy.pdf

Important Message for Parents:
This game is targeted towards children. We encourage you to be responsible and monitor their gameplay time, and activities.

Aggregate gameplay information is collected, but not personal information unless someone contacts us. Such information would be in the form of an email address or social media username.

We will not send emails, or otherwise contact you asking for personal information. If such a contact is received, please delete it immediately.

Please check the privacy policy for more details.

***Update 1.0.13
A new selection system to handle difficulties reported by mobile device users has been implemented.

A new level that acts as an introduction to the new control system has been introduced. It is called "Level 0" and shows up under the level select in Puzzle Adventure. Please check it out if you have had any difficulty with the controls in your previous playthroughs.

New music by Sean Beeson has been added to replace the placeholder music.



Download cracked APK of Electric Flo ( com.BawdenStudios.ElectricFlo )

Version 1.0.17
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Version 1.0.14
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Version 1.0.13
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