Iron Avenger : Origins

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The year is 2018, a mysterious force emerges from the depths of Fairview Undergrounds.
All conventional military efforts to combat this force failed.
With all civilians successfully evacuated the U.S. army has a new plan of action : deploying their experimental multi-purpose integrated weapons and protection system, designated XMK1. Nicknamed the Iron Avenger by some generals who apparently enjoyed reading comic books.

You take on the role of Major Jack Palmer, a US Air Force ace pilot who is tasked with operating the new hi-tech suit and eliminating the enemy threat single handedly.
Your suit is designed to supply the necessary firepower and defensive capabilities for your task. Not only does it not hinder your natural movement but in the later stages it greatly augments your speed and maneuvering capacity.

You are to provoke the enemy into giving up their positions and follow them to their source. After that the task is simple: eliminate the enemy threat.
You have almost no backup, anything slower than a supersonic jet will be shot down immediately, the only option is for you to masterfully handle your suit and save the city.

Will you be a true Super Hero or just a mere soldier ?

Our superhero game is what you have all been for: an open world action adventure shooting game designed for all comic-book fans and shooter fans alike:

- choose your play style according to your preferences (go fast, get close and personal using combos to take down enemies or just snipe them from afar)
- explore the open world map to find hidden power ups and upgrades
- complete objectives to progress the main story
- encounter dozens of different enemies and boss fights
- build and upgrade your suits and weapons, tailor them to suit your style and skill
- enjoy some of the best graphics in a mobile game



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