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MlesTalk is an open source real-time messenger between two or more users on a same channel. Instead of just seeing the finalized messages, see how everyone write their messages, character by character. Emojis and images are also supported! Avoid centralized services, like Messenger or WhatsApp, have a freedom to pick freely the server to connect to.

In addition to username and channel, you'll need to pick a shared key with other channel users. The key provides lightweight end-to-end security for messages on the channel. You can share your channel with friends without MlesTalk easily with provided QR-code or use MlesTalk on browser with it yourself.

Retro-feeling for those Unix-era users who remember the magnificent Talk program!

10 % of MlesTalk application profits in 2019 will be donated to Electronic Frontier Foundation, protecting our rights in digital world.

Connectivity is based on open Mles-Websocket protocol. Please see for more information.



Download cracked APK of MlesTalk Open Messenger ( io.mles.mlestalk )

Version 1.4.2
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