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Completely silence the app you want to silence, such as a standard camera or video app.

This app turns the standard camera app into a high-quality silent camera.

When it detects that the app to be silenced such as a camera app is launched, it automatically silences all sounds on the device, and automatically cancels the silence when the app is closed.

Recommended for people who:
- Want to silence the standard camera
- Do not like silent cameras because photo quality are bad
- Want to take pictures in a quiet restaurant etc.
- Want to take a picture without surprising my baby.
- Want to silence automatically

Muting instructions and notes:
This app mutes your camera's shutter sound by deactivating all the sounds in your device.
Depending on your device's specifications, this may be the only way to mute the camera shutter sound in Japan and some other countries.
If you turn the mute on manually, all the sounds in your device will be muted until you turn it off manually.
If you uninstall this app with the mute still manually turned on, you will need to reinstall it to turn the mute off, so make sure to turn the mute off before uninstalling.
If you are using an automatic muting function, this app's muting function will automatically turn on only while you are using the camera app and will turn off after you close the camera app, so you do not need to worry about turning it off.


► Per app mute settings
When detecting that an app want to mute, such as a camera app, is launched, all the sounds of the device are automatically muted, and when the app is closed, mute is automatically canceled.

► Mute manually
You can also turn mute on / off manually from the app, the widget, the status bar or the quick panel.

► Floating icon
The floating icon makes it easy to understand the mute operation status.
* If you launch the camera app without releasing the lock screen, it will not be displayed due to Android's specifications limitations.

You can check this app's functions and operations with a free trial.
Please check the functions and operations by free trial before you buy.

【Privacy Policy】
Silence Mode Pro does not collect or transfer any data to us or to any third party.

[Modify Audio Settings]
Mute the sound of your phone.

[Bind Accessibility Service]
Detect when an app is launched or closed and allows you to mute sound for each app.

[Receive Boot Completed]
Automatically launch the app whenever the device is restarted.

This app uses accessibility service.
This is used to detect when an app is launched or closed and allows you to mute sound for each app.
This information is not stored or shared.



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Version 1.2.1
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