Sky Girls: Flying Runner Game



Test your reflexes with the brand new 3D running game from Appmigos. See how fast these girls can run and fly across the sky in Sky Girls.

Sky Girls is a thrilling runner game where your girl can run, jump and fly through the sky with exhilarating speed. Your avatar will run faster as you land on the gold rail of each floating platform. Stepping on the gold rail consecutively will reward you with bonus gems at the end of each round. You can collect new Girls with special outfits and abilities through gems and accomplishing achievements.

Each game you play is endless, but it becomes difficult as you successfully run and fly further. Floating platforms will start to move around and the speed-up pads and jumping ramps will make it much harder to predict where and when you are going to land.

Swipe your character sideways to collect gems and land on gold rails which will reward you with bonus gems and extra speed. The control is simple, but do you think you can handle the speed?

Key Features:
- Addictive running and flying experience in the clear blue sky
- Awesome 3D graphics but lightweight
- Super-fast girls running and flying at supersonic level speed
- Girls with a wide range of special costumes and abilities to collect and use!
- Never-ending gameplay... if you can handle the unstoppable speed
- Special speed-up pads and jumping pads for a more exhilarating running experience

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