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Make your messaging comfortable! Get only those messages you want with the new convenient and simple SMS spam blocker, SpamHound. This app allows you to send and receive text and MMS messages while keeping your smartphone absolutely spam free.

Have you ever noticed how the number of incoming advertisement only increases over time and how there aren’t a lot of solutions to stop text spam once and for all? Annoying services of all kinds have no problem at all getting or even guessing your number in order to send you 2-3 advertising messages a week each. With SpamHound, you can eliminate each and provide intelligent spam blocking, once having configured a couple of simple filtering rules on your phone. Don’t worry about spam-free messages - they’ll remain safe.

Are you a child, parent or elder? You can easily configure all the settings in around 5 minutes to block spam for good.

-easy-to-create rules (with an option to choose more than one spam filter)
-whitelist for wanted messages
-no internet connection required
-unlimited spam filter functionality

Filtering rules

Most of the rules are usually Contains, Starts with, Ends with, Equals applied to the sender, subject, and body. In a couple of taps, you can simply stop spam text bunches you’re getting so often. Wildcard and regular expressions are also an option if you need more complicated, fine-tuned rules.

Blacklist and Whitelist

Using our custom anti-spam filter you can create a protection so tough, not a single message will come through. But don’t you worry! Whitelist prioritizes the messages that comply with its rules so that they don’t get filtered out. That way, you will never lose precious mail.



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