Sword Man - Monster Hunter

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The hack ‘n’ slash platformer Sword Man - Monster Hunter offers you a world of powerful swords collectible through multiple dungeons.

Join more than 1 million players to explore this marvelous world!

And here you are…:

* A monster hunt makes a surge of adrenaline:2
You will role in a Bounty Hunter to fight against massive monsters, beat giant bosses, avoid traps, and gain huge in the dungeons!
Hidden places are somewhere in each dungeon. Explore them all and find more rewards.

* Cool weapons are at your choice:
You know what… your sword can be crafted or upgraded from items! Feel like DIY, huh? The more you upgrade your blades, the more you increase your strength in the dangerous adventure.

*Love at first sight
Immerses yourself in the cute overload & colorful graphics and explore the beautiful, hand-crafted dungeons of fantasy world.

Sword Man - Monster hunter is completely free to download and play but some game items may be purchased for real money.

- We cleared all the data of the previous versions.
- We already tracked all users (PAUs) who bought our IAP packs. We will gift back those users in live version.
- At this version, we renewed so many stuffs to give the best experiences for users. Keep supporting us, we will try to complete our game as fast as we can.
- Please write your feelings about this game, we need all your critics. Feel free to comment, or send your review to our mail: [email protected] or fanpage https://www.facebook.com/swordmanmonsterhunter/
Link discord: https://discord.gg/xvpQPrm



Download cracked APK of Sword Man - Monster Hunter ( com.swordman.monsterhunter )

Version 1.3.11
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midnight userscloud.com Download
Version 1.3.10
clive zippyshare.com Download
himbo userscloud.com Download
Version 1.3.8
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Version 1.1.1
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Version 1.0.9
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Version 1.0.8
mixer zippyshare.com Download
anhydrous userscloud.com Download
Version 1.0.7
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Version 0.8.2
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Version 0.7
tumble zippyshare.com Download
clive userscloud.com Download


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