The Samurai Wars【Samurai Real Portrait】

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◆World of "The Samurai Wars"◆
This is a tactical war game using actual portrait of samurai.
Conquer whole Japan as Oda nobunaga who is famous samurai warlord with over 400 samurais!

◆Intuitive Battle◆
You can command your troop and use tactical skill by Flick/Tap!
Defeat enemy by using each samurai's tactical skill!

◆Various Strategies◆
It is not easy to survive by just tactics in battlefield.
Diplomatic activities like trading and alliance...
Various Ninja's activities...
Political activities in Imperial court and Shogunate...
Development of town...
Let's plan your own strategy!

◆A lot of Warlords, Treasure
There are over 400 samurais and 200 treasure items.
Can you collect all?



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Version 3.1.9
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