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Firework and Firecracker real life sound and explosion effects. For your Diwali / Christmas or any cheerful occasion Firecrackers app comes with lots of explosions, bottle rockets, Parachute bomb, fireworks etc.

About Diwali

Diwali, popularly known as the "festival of lights,"... It's an occasion for joyous celebration.
There are three main aspects of this holiday called Diwali. The first is the celebration of light. We line our homes and streets with lanterns; we explode fireworks; children play with sparklers.

If you were once a kid, you love Fireworks!

Diwali Fireworks is for You!
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Enjoy and A Very Happy Diwali.

About Firecrackers
Firecrackers are generally made of cardboard or plastic, with flash powder, cordite, smokeless powder, or black powder as the propellant and make too much pollution. Thats why we came with Firecrackers app with zero pollution and harm.

So enjoy the harmless Firecrackers.

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