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This little math app is for you the best way to train your math-skills and learn how to calculate faster!

If you use this App every day, this will be a very good math workout. Also you will increase your brain power with different brain quizzes!

You can train the four basic arithmetical operations in three different levels of difficulty!

Also, if you aren’t that good in math you can use this app and learn math with it.

If you're a beginner, you should start by using the “easy” mode! In this mode you get 60 seconds, and different Math tasks. First you must decide if the solution of the task is true or false. Then you must complete as much math tasks as you can, before the time is over.
This mode is a good first entry and brain workout for a beginner, who wants to learn math!

The next mode, is the “medium” mode! This mode will challenge your math skills. In this mode you get also 60 seconds and different math tasks, but you must decide between 4 proposed solution, only one of them is correct!

The last mode is the “hard” mode. This mode is a real challenge for the brain! You get 30 seconds, different Math tasks and a keyboard. For every right task, you get 3 seconds extra. You loose if the time is over! This mode is a math and brain workout for all ages!

Compare and share your highscores with your friends. This will give you extra motivation to improve your math skills and learn more about math!

Or you can compete directly with your friends in the in-game multiplayer mode.

As a bonus, you can play the popular number game 2048 within this app. If you want to pause your math workout, 2048 is a good way to calm down and to relax the brain!

This app includes:
- Addition
-Square numbers
-Multiplayer mode

Have fun!



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