Sense Pad - Gesture Control

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One gesture is enough to navigate between your apps or control your phone. Run applications with predefined or custom gestures, call contacts, turn your camera's flash on and off, and more with a single gesture.

- Go home
- Show recent apps
- Expand notifications
- Open app drawer
- Open setting drawer
- Launch application
- Show contact
- Call contact
- Play/pause media
- Next media
- Previous media
- Lock device
- Wake device
- Launch camera
- Toggle flashlight
- Volume +/- (Only Edge Sense)
- Brightness +/- (Only Edge Sense)

- Double tap
- Long touch
- Swipe left
- Swipe right
- Swipe up
- Swipe down
- Custom gesture

- Shake
- Chop
- Twist
- Wave

Icon Sense
- You can do many actions by double tap and long touch gestures on the floating sense pad icon without opening Sense Pad.

Edge Sense (Pro)
- You can do many actions by double tap, long touch, swipe and scroll gestures on the edges of the screen without opening Sense Pad.

Sensor Sense (Pro)
- You can do many actions when the device is on or off by shaking, chopping, twisting and waving motions.

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Version 1.2.7
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