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  The World's Newspapers app includes 12.000+ newspapers from all countries in the world!

The World's Newspapers app have a great library of newspapers from all over the world and is very easy to use. Great for people who want to stay up to date, research or study linguistics.

All newspapers are located in the menu under their own region of the world. Pick a region and scroll through the list. If you like, you can search for newspapers by their name and their country name. Just click on a newspaper to go to it! There is a personal favorite menu for you to personalize with newspapers. You can add newspapers to your favorites list or add your own with the + button in the upper right corner.

What is in the app?
✓ 12.000+ Newspapers
✓ 200 Countries
✓ All US states
✓ All US and British territories
✓ Trusted websites
✓ Support for all mobile screen sizes
✓ Different world regions for easier overview
✓ Search by newspapers name or country name
✓ Bookmark newspapers to your personal favorites list
✓ Add your own websites to the favorites list
✓ Different themes
✓ Offline viewing - Visit a webpage once to remember it
✓ External browser
✓ Internal browser with support of
  •  Javascript
  •  Zoom
  •  Caching for offline reading
✓ Language selector:
  •  English
  •  Swedish
  •  Greek
  •  Korean

✓ No Ads

◼️ Newspapers per region ◼️
  •  USA & Canada : 5200+
  •  Europe : 3100+
  •  Central & South America : 1400+
  •  Asia : 850+
  •  Middle eastern : 700+
  •  Africa : 550+
  •  Australia : 200+
  •  Russia : 200+

Want to improve World's Newspapers?
Got ideas or improvements for the application?
Found a newspaper that should be added?
Found broken links?

Yes? E-mail the message to [email protected]



Download cracked APK of World Newspapers (12.000+ Newspapers) ( blue.ansoa.worldsnewspapers )

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