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This application can convert SVG to PNG, JPEG or PDF
The program has the following advantages:
- Has scale factor for image rendering;
- Can convert multiple SVG files to PNG, JPEG or PDF file;
- Visualising the selected SVG;
- Possibility to convert all files into one PDF document;
- Advanced Crop View utility for generated images;
- Application works offline without internet connection;
- Shows recently selected SVG's;
- The app is perfect to preview icons or crop them from SVG files;

Instructions to select multiple files
1) Open your favourite file explorer app;
2) Long press on the svg file;
3) Select the files you need;
4) Press share icon or share menu option it should be available in toolbar and select this application;

Important notes:
Some SVG files with custom fonts will not be rendered, therefore the best strategy is to use an editor which can export text as independent line curves;



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Version 1.9.1
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