Stock Profit (Paid)

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Want to quickly calculate stock profits?
Do you want to strictly stop the loss?

Now the application can meet your needs!

(1) Suitable for worldwide stock units profit spreadsheet.
(2) Calculate the shareholding: total cost, total market capitalization, year cumulative increase, return rate, target price, profit and loss.
(3) Archive: Stock Name, Number, early price, purchase price, the current price.
(4) Summary Report.

(1) Total cost = cost x number
(2) Total market value = current price x number
(3) Years of cumulative increase = current price / early price
(4) Remuneration rate = (total market capitalization / total costs) - 100%
(5) Target price (+- 5% to +- 50%) = purchase price x (1.05/0.95 ~ 1.5/0.5)
(6) Profit and loss = (current prices - cost) x number
(7) Only spreadsheet, non-update data networking capabilities.

If you have any question or problems please contact
[email protected]
We are committed to fixing bugs as soon as possible.


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Version 11.0.0
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