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Panties × Boobs! is an fantastic application where you to view anime and manga pictures with closeup panty (pantsu) shoots of sexy anime girls and hot women or other mystical creatures like sexy medieval warrior babes backgrounds or awesome modern dressed girls in bikini (mizugi, thong, underwear, swimsuit) or dresses. Girls sleeping on bed or washing at bathroom, in shower or bath, also this application allows you to choose your favorite picture and save it to your SD card (memory card) or set it on your home screen as wallpaper for you to enjoy!

° 150+ Never seen before unique pictures (moe, cute, funny and sexy)
° 15+ Categories to choose from
° Beautiful breathtaking design
° Set the picture you like as Wallpaper for your home screen
° Move to SD card app (app2sd)
° Save Pictures to SD card
° Regular updates
° No need for active internet connection
° Best anime pictures that you will find at Google Play, Android Market
° No internet connection needed

How To Use:
° Install the application
° Click on the app and wait for it to open
° When you see the Menu screen choose the option Start
° Click one of 9 categories to open a new window
° Look trough the pictures and find the one you like and click Set Wallpaper!

This app also offers a wide range of beautiful game landscapes like deep dark forest or a sunset at beach, scary dungeons, cosmos and space scenes, a really large choice of fantasy locations! Try it! You will be amazed! Must have!
Pictures are japanese animation (anime) not american english cartoon based.

Future Updates:
° More Pictures
° Costumer suggestions (send them to [email protected])
° Music, Sounds (Maybe radio)

If you have problems installing updates:
° Uninstall previous version first
° Restart your device
° Check if you have at least 10 free mb

Fast Costumer Support
° [email protected]
(ask any questions and get answers quickly)

° all pictures are offline, no internet connection needed (online)
° This does not contain any nudity (no nipples or bare breasts)
° Only ecchi (naughty) pictures no hentai
° Sexy hot pictures only no mature xxx content
° If you feel that some pictures are harmefull or somehow makes you feel bad, then please email us and we will do as you wish as fast as possible!

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