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Shopit - List is one of the most efficient and easy use grocery list app you can use to make your shopping simple and interesting. Are you forgetting taking your shopping list when you go to your grocery shop? With Shopit - List you can be sure you have everything you need to make this daily task! Using Shopit - List, you can visually create your grocery list by picking from almost 300 photos of everyday items from 24 different categories.

Why you need this app:

• Shopit - List will save you time, money and effort every time you go out for shopping.
• Almost 300 everyday shopping items with photos, just click them to add items to your lists.
• Share your grocery list using SMS, whatsapp, telegram, email...and every ways you can imagine for coordinated shopping.
• Add your custom items just writing the name of them.
• Use the app in the language you prefer just changing the language of your device: English, German, Spanish and Catalan.
• Shopit - List is 100% adaptable to every devices and orientations.
• Items classified per categories.

Just for this version:

• Save time by looking at your favorite items. Shopit - List save the last 15 items you used automatically for you.
• Get reminder alerts before expire the date you want to do your shopping. Shopit - List let you add a reminder alert for the day you want.
• Create all lists you need without a limitation.
• Use the search bar to look for your items inside your list to check them or edit them.



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