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Expanse Tracker created based on requests from our users ☺ is designed to meet your needs.
Lots of automated tests ensure you will not loose your data and you will enjoy premium support even for the free version.


✔ Easy-to-use and easy-to-understand

✔ Quick and simple expense tracking
- User friendly screen layouts
- With only 3 taps you can register a new spending. Select category, select amount, press "Pay"
- Swipe left over the keypad to get a list of preset values. Use long press to redefine so entering a sum like 11.50 becomes one tap away.
- Build in calculator
- Add a note and up to three tags. This is optional and has autocomplete.

✔ Show cash and card balance as most intuitive way to double check if you entered all your incomes and expenses.

✔ Define a budget for each category or one to keep track of all your expenditures.

✔ Reports
- View specific Day | Week | Month | Year | Last 30 days | Last 7 days intervals
- Filter records by tags
- Interactive pie chart report. You can also select multiple categories to view in a bar chart.

✔ Switch currency while traveling or on vacation
- Recorded spending will be displayed real time in your default currency (never be tricked by exchange rates again)

✔ Delete or edit previous expenses: easily change date, amount, notes, and tags

✔ Personalized main screen with overview of your current balance for each account along with payment totals

✔ Transfer money between your accounts

✔ Customize your spending categories (requires 3$ upgrade)

✔ Backup and restore
- Export to Excel so you can choose what to do with your data at any time with a wide variety of apps
- Import Excel backups or files saved by other financial apps
- You can also use import to sync your incomes and expenditures with a partner.

✔ Interactive help is available on most of the screens by clicking the icon on the up right corner.

✔ Optimized font size for high resolution Android devices.

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Version 1.4.3
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