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Interesting how to lose weight fast? Getting the ideal weight can be tricky which is why you always have to focus on having the right BMI and a good diet. BMI calculator is here to help you study your health and it will help you count the daily calorie intake thereby reach optimal health very fast.
Thanks to this free BMI application you will be able to determine your body mass index that will help you reach the idea weight. But it goes beyond that as it also offers information about how much calories you burn during performed exercises.
Aside from that, app also enables you to track your body fat percentage, a great piece of info that will lead you towards complete recovery! We also provide you with information about the basal metabolic rate and how many calories you need to remove from your diet in order to lose weight naturally.
Thanks to our app you will also be able to target heart rates zones. This way you will be able to access a very efficient, refined way of losing belly fat naturally and with the best possible results.
Download BMI calculator right now to boost your weight loss routine. Get the best information right away, in a format that’s accessible and very easy to access!
• Complete BMI calculator with accurate information
• Calculate burned calories during your exercises.
• Study your BMR and see the energy expenditure based on activity level
• Estimate the maximum heart rate and heart rate training zones
• Body fat percentage calculator suitable for men and women



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