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Sensors Toolbox app gives you access to data and Graphs from Sensors:

Sensors Toolbox app gives detail information about Sensors and read sensor real time data and plots real time graph
- Accelerometer
- Linear Acceleration
- Gyroscope
- Orientation
- Gravity
- Proximity sensor
- Relative Humidity
- Step detector and Counter
- Rotation vector sensors
- Light sensor
- Magnetometer
- Pressure sensor
- relative humidity sensor
- Ambient Temperature sensor
- Battery
- Gps
- WiFi

* Real Time - Real time data obtained by Sensors.
* Graphs - Real time Graph from real time data from sensors
* GPS - User could see their geographical position, the altitude at which they are, and the
status of the satellites.
* Simple and Clean Design
* WiFi -Connected Network Name, Strength, IP Address, Link Speed

If you have any queries or suggestion with this app or ideas to develop, please send us message to [email protected]



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Version 1.4
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