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Kaleidoscope magic!

Create wonderful kaleidoscopic photo-effects and drawing art with this user friendly draw & paint app.

Watch the animated Kaleidoscope effect that turns an ordinary photo into magic. With your finger you can move the kaleidoscope over an image and discover new unexpected worlds. Or set it to be your live wallpaper.

It has five different symmetry settings. It uses the full screen or you can create shaped (square, circle, heart, mandala etc) kaleidoscope images.

In this full-version of Kaleido-Magic you can apply this effect on the personal images which you happen to have on the device, which you have either copied from your computer to the SD card or acquired by the device’s camera, thus having unlimited source of patterns.

Also in this version you can save your creations and preview them in a special browser from where you can email them and use for personal or professional purposes like websites, publications, illustration, email signatures, facebook etc. Your creations derived from the images supplied with Kaleido-Magic are Royalty-free. You can also find your creations saved on the SD card in KaleidoMagic folder and copy them using an USB connection.

Kaledio-Magic Kaleidoscope is a creative art tool with great potential. It produces either JPG images with a resolution of the device’s screen, or shaped images in transparent PNG files, which are square and a half the screen size.

Kaleido-Magic is also a very spiritual application which can be used for meditation and relaxation. It is hard if not impossible to get tired of watching its beautiful patterns.



Version 3.51
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