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Is it going to rain today? Should you grab your umbrella? With Remember The Umbrella, you don't have to guess:

  • Set a time when you normally leave the house.

  • The app checks the weather forecast, and if it's going to rain, you get a notification letting you know you should take an umbrella today.

The notification looks awesome, by the way. Just saying: It's not one of your boring notifications that slides out of the top. We're talking full-screen here, with a gorgeous backdrop and a weather forecast. Oh, and it can make your device vibrate and ring, too, so there's no chance you'll be leaving that umbrella behind.

Yes, it really is that simple. Other app highlights include a super-clean Holo interface that feels right at home on a modern Android device and a strikingly handsome umbrella icon (the ultimate in homescreen chic!).

Try it out now -- never get caught in the rain again.

This Pro Version lets you feel like a pro. Also, it makes it possible for you to set more than one alarm which comes in handy. Buy it now!



Download cracked APK of Remember the Umbrella PRO ( com.mindmeapp.umbrellapro )

Version 1.1
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