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=== Access your calibre library using WiFi ===

Calibre Companion is three applications in one:

1) It supports connecting to calibre over WiFi and be detected by calibre as a device. Once connected, you use calibre to move books to and from your device. No other app, reader or browser, offers this level of integration with calibre.

2) It can connect to calibre’s content server over WiFi to browse your library and download books to your device.

3) It is a library organizer for your device. You can sort and group books by author, tags, series, etc. You can launch your book reader application to read a book (works with most reader applications).

For more information see our FAQ (

Seeing the benefits of Calibre Companion’s features can take some time. Do not worry about the 15-minute refund window. If after exploring both kinds of connections you are not satisfied with it, contact us and we will refund your purchase.

Calibre Companion requires calibre 0.9.2 or later.

Permissions explanation:
- Allow Wi-Fi multicast reception: multicast is required to be able to find calibre without requiring you to enter an IP address.
- Users with Jellybean (Android 4.1): You will also see a permission about “Test access to protected storage”. This is caused by a change Android is making regarding SD card access, and simply means our app can save books on your external storage.



Version 2.5.2
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Version 2.1
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