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You have to make a decision but don't know which one to choose? Don't argue and worry, sometimes it is better to leave it all to fate!
"Decision Maker" is random number emulator. It helps you to choose among the various options available.
With "Decision Maker", you can write from 2 to 21 options whatever you want.
With "Decision Maker", you can make decision by roulette, dice and poker.

===Cheat Mode===
"Decision Maker" supplys cheat mode for a PRANK. You can set a highest priority option for a decision.

In decision list, edit a decision and set highest priority by tap "☆";
Turn on cheat mode in roulette, dice & poker view by highlight the "☆" at Upper-Right Corner;
In cheat mode, the highest priority option is the only one result in roulette and dice;
In cheat mode, the highest priority option's card has different upper-left star;

Note:The information is only saved on the device, not in the cloud.
Good luck!


1.3 ways to make decision: roulette,dice and poker
2.Allows customizing from 2 to 21 options for every decision;
3.Support cheat mode for a prank;
4.View past decistion in history list whenever you want;



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Version 1.02
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