Broken Screen Prank:Craked Pro

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Broken Screen Prank is just a prank app used for fun, it simulates the cracked screen effect to play with your friends. And will not actually crack the screen.
With this broken screen application you can easily prank your friends or family with amazing cracked screen effect that you have a broken phone, or that they broke your phone when they touch on the screen.

Key Features:
- 15 broken screen animation effects
- 5 realistic cracked sound in random mode
- Trigger broken screen: including touch / shake mode
★Touch to crack
★Shake to crack (Shake again to repair the screen)
- Crack any photos in your device
- Share cracked photo with friends

In the shake to crack mode, you can still browse the photos, play games and do anything you want while the crack remains on the screen. You can click exit to close the app and remove the cracks.

Fool your friends with the broken screen prank, have fun!



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Version 1.0
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