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Give a Boost to Processing Speed, Increase Stability and Maximize Battery Life by activating our most proven Processor Boost Tools.

Many apps here on Play Store kills background running apps to reduce battery consumption & claims in increasing speed. As soon as the background running apps are cleaned, their services in the background restarts in a few seconds.
Auto RAM Cleaner also have a background service that occupies RAM all time.
Just search on google "Does your android device really need a task killer ?" You will find many links revealing the truth.

Dual Core Processor Booster detects background running apps & Hibernates (deep sleep) them in background when not in use, you can either hibernate apps individually or auto hibernate them all at once with our different Boost modes.

Dual Core Processor Booster sets RAM VM Heap size to maximum which maximizes the availability of memory to the current running app, this ensure that the app have very less chances to Crash by Out of Memory Error.

It also sets CPU Governor by setting frequency of the processor to an optimal state. This app automatically sets appropriate CPU Governor.

This app works best with the devices that have dual core processor.

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