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Listen to the Alcoholics Anonymous steps and traditions, daily readings & reflections and personal stories of recovery to better grasp the recovering process. Wouldn’t it be great to have a whole system in place where you could learn about 12 step programs, Alcoholics Anonymous and so much more? Well, there is. With the AA Joe and Charlie Big Book Study, you get amazing, in-depth information to help you grow your personal well-being in recovery from an addiction. You will get 3 study sessions and even more for free. There is also additional information regarding overcoming substance abuse and recovery you can unlock and download too. There are hundreds of hours of wonderful Alcoholics Anonymous audio content that you don’t want to miss. Listen to the entire big book study with this high-quality app!

GUIDANCE FOR RECOVERY: Anyone who suffers from an addiction to alcohol can benefit from this app. Hearing the Big Book read and getting additional recovery information and tools can guide your recovering lifestyle. It can help you to understand the Big Book better and learn what is needed to keep yourself in sobriety. The free sessions are a brilliant start for leading you into that better lifestyle. Alcoholism is a terrible disease, but it is treatable as long as you keep with it. Let this app help you to do that.

BIG BOOK STUDY: The Big Book is something that is needed to help most recovering alcoholics stay sober. If you haven’t yet started on the Big Book or you need a refresher, this app is going to help you. Some recovering addicts find it difficult to read this on their own so allowing the speakers to do that for you, so you can just listen and take it all in, is a very beneficial way to learn the principles and other information that you need.

LEARN WHAT IT TAKES TO STAY IN SOBRIETY: With this app, you can learn what it takes to stay in sobriety. There is so much information out there about recovery and preventing relapse, it can be tough to take it all in. Let this app give you a simple, yet in-depth way to learn what it takes to stay in sobriety. The speakers give you a wealth of information regarding the 12 steps of aa , bad habits to overcome, daily reflections and even more to help you stay in sobriety.

MEDITATION AND OTHER RECOVERY TOOLS: As you get this app, you will see that there are many recovery tools from Joe and Charlie that help for living sober. There is a sleep and meditation timer. You will get meditation and relaxing sounds. There are even daily inspirational notifications with amazing artwork that help you to keep motivated in your recovery. Get all that and so much more with this Big Book study. Alcoholics Anonymous is a remarkable way to overcome addiction and this app gives you the basics and detailed information on all of it.

+ 1000+ audio tracks, 100+ hours of content
+ Listen when offline
+ Build a playlist of the tracks you want to hear
+ Sleep and meditation timer
+ Looping relaxation and meditation sounds (over 2.4 million combinations)
+ Daily inspiration notifications with powerful artwork to keep you motivated

Here are samples of the audio content you will discover throughout this app:

+ AA Workshop - Lack of Power is our Dilemma by Joe H.
+ AA Workshop - The 12 Steps and Stories of Recovery by Sandy B
+ AA Workshop - The Famous Joe & Charlie Big Book Study
+ AA Workshop - The Ultimate Big Book Step Study - Bob D. and Scott L.
+ AA Workshop - Understanding and Living the AA 12 Concepts by Des T.
+ Al-Anon Speaker Tapes Vol. 1
+ Al-Anon Workshop - Living With Crazy People by Tom W.
+ Beginner Guided Meditations to Help You Develop a Consistent Practice
+ Daily Readings and Reflections from the AA Big Book
+ Hand Picked Sober Recovery Meditations Vol. 1
+ The AA Big Book 12 Steps and Traditions

and much more...



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