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Listen to a great collection of 40 Bible verses, touching sermons, and wise parables to help you become more fulfilled in your life, grow deeper in your faith, achieve long-lasting and healthy relationships, and create a life full of delight and wonder.

LEARN ABOUT THE BIBLE: Are you unfamiliar with the information contained within the Bible, but don’t feel like reading? Do you need to ‘brush-up’ on your knowledge? Discover powerful verses, meditations, exciting parables, and thought provoking sermons to help you grow in your understanding of the Bible, its material, and whether not it is for you.

BECOME YOUR GREATEST SELF: Have you heard of the healing and transformational powerful of the Bible? Are you ready to experience it for yourself? With help of numerous fundamental Bible verses, guided meditations, and moving sermons, you can change your lifestyle, take pride in being healthy, and be a better parent and spouse.

DISCOVER THE DEPTH OF YOUR FAITH: Have you never considered yourself a spiritual or religious person? Do you get nervous at the thought of religion and spirituality, but are still curious? You are not alone! With the help of engaging sermons, Bible verses, meditations, and other popular accounts from the Bible, you can learn about the Bible and what it can offer you with absolute ease.

FREE APP: This app is completely free to download, and includes hundreds of hours of free audio programs and courses. Subscribe now to unlock and gain access to all available content (in-app purchase fees apply).

GET ON TRACK: Audiojoy makes it simple to stay disciplined in diving deeper into your spirituality, exploring the Christian theology, applying the teachings into your life, and improving the quality of your relationships with yourself, others, and God, through the power of meditations, 40 hand-selected Bible verses, compelling parables, and sermons.

This app makes it easier than ever to grow deeper in your faith, apply the lessons of powerful parables in your life, be more fulfilled in your accomplishments, and strengthen your family’s connection and communication with the help of assorted Bible verses, enthralling sermons, prayers, and meditations.

This app is packed full of incredible features to assist you in becoming more acquainted with the Bible:

+ 1000+ audio tracks, 100+ hours of content
+ Daily featured audio content
+ Search and explore all content
+ Add to a favorites list
+ Listen when offline
+ Build a playlist of the tracks you want to hear
+ Read along with the text version
+ Sleep and meditation timer
+ Looping relaxation and meditation sounds (over 2.4 million combinations)
+ Daily inspiration notifications with powerful artwork to keep you motivated

Audiojoy creates comprehensible, how-to content to assist in the cultivation of happier, more fulfilling lives. We believe everybody can be the very best they can be. Audiojoy makes it easy to learn and practice these techniques so that you can master what you want and stop what you don’t. Download our apps, launch your own course, and start learning today!

This app includes audio recordings of Bible verses, various stories from the Bible, and powerful sermons and testimonies. Here are samples of the bonus content you will discover in this app:

+ Best Bible Verses Audio on Prayer, Hope, Forgiveness, Love & More
+ Best Christian Audiobook Excerpts
+ Best Self Help, Inspiration & Motivation Books Audiobook Excerpts
+ Best Spiritual and Meditation Audiobook Excerpts
+ How to Be Thankful - Step By Step Guide to Gratitude, Love and Appreciation
+ Find Your Passion - Step by Step Guide on Being Passionate
+ Live in the Moment - Learn the Keys to Living in the Moment
+ How to Love - Multi Part Overview on Expressing and Receiving Love
+ How to Meditate - Step By Step Meditation Instructions
+ How to Pray - Step by Step Guide on Prayer
+ Inspiring and Thought Provoking Bible Sermons Vol. 1

and much more...



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