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Listen to SA, SLAA & Sexaholics Anonymous speaker tapes, sex and love audio courses and so much more so you can finally learn to overcome an addictive lifestyle. Right now, you have the opportunity to hear hundreds of hand-chosen, high-quality Sexaholics Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and S-ANON recordings from amazing speakers. You will listen to inspiring stories about overcoming a sex addictive lifestyle, going through the 12 step programs, being a love addict and the importance of going to meetings. Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous or SLAA is the program that helps those who have addictive tendencies for engaging in love, sex or emotional attachment.

It is essential that everyone has healthy boundaries when it comes to sex and emotional relationships. Acting out with masturbation or porn causes damaging effects to relationships with others and yourself. The 12 step program of recovery have worked with addicts to help the overcome their sex, lust, love or porn addictive lifestyle. There are many meetings available but sometimes you can’t make it to a meeting and that is where this app becomes helpful. You can listen to speakers from these programs no matter where you are at. The app is free and you get more than 100 hours of programs. There is even more speaker and recovery content available on the app as well.

RECOVERING TODAY: Each day you have the chance to recover from your sex, porn, love or lust addiction. It is up to you whether you will make that leap or not. Yes, it does consist of a lot of work. However, there are tools available, such as this app to help you along the way. With this app, you can focus on recovering today and each day thereafter. You can listen to the speakers and the other amazing audio content and apply it to your recovery.

USING THE 12 STEPS: All sex, porn, lust and love addicts can benefit from the 12 steps. You have the power to choose whether you use these steps to help you overcome an addictive lifestyle. These steps are taught often in the SA, SLAA and S-ANON meetings. When you implement these steps into your recovering lifestyle, you learn how to manage your triggers and cravings. You learn how to keep clean from the addictive lifestyle. The speakers on these tapes will talk you through the 12 steps so you can understand them better as well.

LIVING A CLEAN LIFESTYLE: When in recovery, it is important that you quit masturbating and acting out sexually. You need to live a clean lifestyle. This app has many resources which can help you to do this. The speakers will guide you through with their stories to overcome sexual addiction. The meditation and relaxation techniques will help to keep your mind pure and clean.


+ Daily featured audio content
+ Add to a favorites list
+ Listen while offline
+ Build a playlist of the tracks you want to hear
+ Read along with the text version
+ Sleep and meditation timer
+ Looping relaxation and meditation sounds (over 2.4 million combinations)
+ Daily inspiration notifications with powerful artwork to keep you motivated

This app includes hundreds of hours of amazing content for living a healthy sex, love and relationship life:

+ Best Self Help, Inspiration & Motivation Books Audiobook Excerpts
+ Inspiring Personal Stories of Sobriety & Recovery
+ Living Within a Culture of Sobriety by Mike C.
+ SA Workshop - Step by Step How to Do it by Bill S.
+ Surrender and Accountability by Roy K. and Craig L.
+ Being Part of a Culture of Sobriety and Sponsorship
+ Dealing with Fear and Shame
+ Honesty & Willingness and Acceptance are Powerful steps to Recovery
+ Love, Dating, and Relationships
+ Overcoming Chronic Relapse
+ Sexaholics Anonymous & S-ANON Workshop - Working the Steps and Having Healthy Relationships
+ Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous Speakers
+ Recovery from Shame by Mark V.
+ Taking The First Step & Relying on God by Harvey A.
+ Soundscapes And Relaxing Ambient Meditation & Sleep Music

and much more...



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