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Metapod keeps it simple: subscribe, download, listen. It also offers powerful configuration options for nearly all functions so you can customize it to your needs.

Metapod features include:
* Light and dark color themes.
* Android Auto support and voice commands.
* Save on SD Card.
* No advertisement, no analytics, no accounts needed.
* Prioritize podcast playback - Lets you listen to your daily Podcasts before your weekly ones.
* Per-Channel settings: priority, auto-download, auto-delete.
* Auto-prune - configure how many of the latest episodes to keep for a channel.
* Sort your playlist on priority, date published or randomly.
* Set playback speed.
* Stream or download episodes.
* Auto-download new episodes.
* Configure to update and download only if charging or connected to WIFI.
* Resume where you left off, delete after listening.
* Podcast channel search, top rankings, browse categories and manual RSS feed subscription.
* Create local podcasts from files on your device, useful for audio books and course material.
* Subscribe to secure podcast feeds that require user names and passwords.
* Import and export subscriptions in OPML format.
* Background update service that lets you update at a specific time or periodically.



Download cracked APK of Metapod ( com.podmux.metapod )

Version 0.983
occur Download
fruity Download
Version 0.982
clive Download
Version 0.980
occur Download


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