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Four exercises for memorizing words:

• choose the correct translation,
• break down words and translations into pairs,
• make a word out of its jumbled letters,
• remember the translation of the word.

Two modes of work: the study and the examination.

It's possible to exclude familiar words from the study or skip an unfamiliar word during the exam.

There is night mode (white letters on a black background) for those who likes to learn words before going to sleep.

Google Text-To-Speech technology is used. You could publish your achievements in social networks Google+, Facebook and VK. If you study hieroglyphic language you'll find useful the ability to draw by finger in the exercise "remember the word" and will like exercises with transcription.

You could create your own dictionaries. The dictionary entry consists of the headword, translation and optional transcription and usage examples. The search for the translation is implemented with the help of the service "API Yandex.Dictionary" ( There is a custom keyboard for entering the transcription of English words.

You could download additional dictionaries from the Internet and import word sets from XML files for ABBYY Lingvo Tutor and from APKG files for Anki (import from external files works in the full version of the application).

Words for lessons from these textbooks are available for studying:


• Elisabeth Smith. Instant Spanish (482 words)
• Jenny Petrow. Spanish Demystified (692 words)
• Dolly J. Young, Jane E. Berne, Pablo Muirhead, Claudia Montoya. ¡Vívelo! Beginning Spanish (1957 words)


• Hartmut Aufderstraße, Jutta Müller, Thomas Storz. Delfin (4498 words)


• G. Capelle, R. Menand. Le Nouveau Taxi A1 (721 words)



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