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Make walking and running fun with this social step counter (pedometer). Steps Mania is designed to motivate you to become more physically active in your daily life. It runs in the background, accurately counts your steps, distance, speed and calories with relatively low battery consumption. Your daily activities become visualized on the chart. You will be awarded for your achievements and share them with your friends.

Features exclusively in the Pro version:
* Historical charts visualizing daily/weekly/monthly performance: walking and running steps, calories
* No ads
* For logged in users, historical data will be preserved when switching devices or upgrading from the free version

Features common with the Free version:
* Track walking and running, including steps, distance, speed and calories
* A diagram presenting your daily activities
* Receive awards for completing certain activities like walking 10000 steps in one day
* Find friends and share your achievements with them
* Share achieved awards with your friends on social media
* High score list
* Trip counter
* Runs in the background while you perform your normal daily activities
* Adjustable sensitivity

Disclaimer: Some phones may shut down sensors completely while the screen is off. Steps Mania Pro won't work on such devices. Please use the free Steps Mania app to verify that background step counting works on your phone before you purchase the pro version.

Keywords: pedometer, step counter, walking, running, calorie counter, calories, exercise, health, fitness, get fit, lose weight, activity tracker



Version 3.19 build 723 crk
Version 3.19
Version 1.6


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