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» A single app meets all your needs! This toolkit gives you FULL CONTROL over your message box, including following functions:

• SMS Scheduler
- schedule messages to be sent at a later time by specifying a delay or the exact time to trigger

• Fake SMS
- create any type of fake messages on your phone, it can be sent or received, read or unread or failed sms, etc, and others won't know it is fake

• SMS Editor
- load any sms on your phone or sms from/to a specific number/contact into editor and edit the phone number, date & time, message body, etc

• SMS Backup and restore
- specify a folder on your phone SD card & start backup. You can backup as many copies as you want & restore from them

» Reviews are welcomed, you can leave it in the review section or drop me emails.



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Version 2.0.0
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