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Physics eBook

An innovative eBook concept from Sana Edutech here by presents PHYSICS in a lucid format for you to study via Android app.

Subjects covered include :

- Quantities, Physical Formulas, Devices
- Motion, Power, Gravity
- Thermodynamics
- Sound, Light, Magnetism
- Electricity
- Electro Magnetic
- Modern Physics

App features include

- Simple, Fast and Efficient User-interface which we guarantee that you would love !
- Categorized contents, Easy access mechanism
- eBook format from Sana Edutech provides you seek facility at a predominant pace
- Zoom feature for images and text
- Voice reader feature that reads out the study materials
- Entire App is unlocked and full contents given for FREE
- Share feature



Download cracked APK of Physics eBook ( com.sanaedutech.physics_ebook )

Version 1.01
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