Pool Challenge Ball Master

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"Pool challenge ball Master" game in full 3D environment with smooth control and physics. Pool challenge ball Master one of the most realistic and playable pool billiard games you have ever played. So enjoy this Pool challenge ball Master game and have fun with your friends.

Playing the challenge mode will give you progressively increasing level of difficulty. In this mode you have to score all balls in a limited amount of shots. This puzzle pool mode will test your wits as well as your proficiency with the cue! You don't have to be a pro player to have incredible fun playing pool Challenge Ball Master.

You can place rotated shots for more precise shots. Making these extra tricky shots will require nerves of steel like in a professional snooker match. Practice in the game and you'll see that your real life skill will increase as well. Soon you'll become a real pool Challenge ball Master. Shoot your way with a cue and master the white ball to show your enemies that nobody should mess with you. Challenge your friends for a multiplayer match of pool and see who the best player in this town is!

You can train your skills in the training mode. You'll find that the game's physics model was handcrafted by the finest developers. It is just like real life or even better, as you can play it wherever and whenever you want.

Game Modes:

This Pool challenge ball Master game offers two game play modes:

1. Challenge Mode:

You to complete your mission in the allocated time frame to complete the mission and you have to put all the balls in the pot.

2. Two Players or Multi-Player Mode:

You can play Pool Challenge Ball Master with your friends.

Game Play:

1. Set cue ball in D when potted
2. Swipe screen up & down to adjust your view on table before playing your shot
3. Set the ball movement right, left, top & bottom for spinning ball accordingly
4. When player 1 completes his shots then player 2 turns comes to play
5. Use chalk on stick for playing proper shots
6. Play with your friend on same device

Game Features:

1. Realistic 3D ball animation
2. Touch control for moving the stick
3. Play live with your friends
4. Full High quality 3D environments and realistic game play
5. Full Billiard game physics applies
6. 2 Camera modes for Ariel & 3D mode



Download cracked APK of Pool Challenge Ball Master ( com.sgz.poolchallenge.ballmaster )


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