ShotOn for Mi: Add Shot on Stamp to Gallery Photo

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◇ ShotOn for Mi is a free app that add tags of “Shot On & Shot By” to your pre-captured photos saved in the Gallery for FREE.

Further down, you can also customize the tags to show your own Shot on device “Model”, “Logo” and Shot by “Text”on the photographs.

✨ How it Works?
➺ Choose Logo of your device brand
➺ Add “Shot on” signature text
➺ Add “Shot by” signature text
➺ Finalize ShotOn text formats, size and position”
➺ Select the Images from the Gallery (on which you want to add a Shot on tag)
That's it!

All of those selective images will be re-saved in the Gallery with a Shot on watermark stamp of your choice.

◇ Shot ON’s were only made available on dual camera smartphone for Mi but with the help of this application, you can mark up your Images with a ShotOn Watermark tag on any Device and any number of Photos.

✨ Highlighted Features of the App

➺ Editable Logo
Bored with in-built brand logos? Add your custom shot on logo from the app!

➺ Editable Shot on text
Unlike other apps you have the option to edit Shot on tag according to your preference.

➺ Editable Shot by text
Shot by tag is relatively new tag and at the same time important one. Add your name and let the photo speak.

➺Classy Font Formats
ShotOn for Mi app is loaded with great font formats to take your shot on tag to next level.

➺ Editable Position
Tune the position of stamp so that it does not overlap your masterpiece.

➺ Editable Size
Adjust the size of watermark so that it does not ruin photo aesthetics.

➺ Other Brand Logos
Choose from wide variety of ShotOn logos to get different look on every images you add it to.

Computing every features together, Shot On for Mi Gallery gets you covered up from all sides so that you don’t have to download different apps for every features.

🎁 Why Choose us?
✌ Free App Package
✌ Add Shot on tags directly to your pre-captured gallery photos
✌ Adjustable ShotOn Stamp Tag Position
✌ Functionality to add your custom stamp
✌ Customizable “ShotOn & Shot By” Tags

All this features makes ShotOn for Mi on Gallery an exclusive package to fulfill all your requirements related to ShotOn tags.

🌟 If you were on the hunt for something like this then there ain’t be any other Shot on app like this in the market, that too for free! Without a second thought download the application now.



Download cracked APK of ShotOn for Mi: Add Shot on Stamp to Gallery Photo ( com.shotonwatermarkstamp.addshotonformigalleryphotos )

Version 1.0
occur Download
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