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Patients need up-to-date information on proper drug usage. When Patients fully understand what's expected of them, they are more likely to get the desired results from their drug therapy. FamilyRx: AHFS Patient Drug Information gives you a single source for providing important information and instructions for patients on dosing, precautions, possible side effects and interactions, and more. FamilyRx: AHFS Patient Drug Information is updated quarterly and includes home infusion and cancer chemotherapy monographs.

Family Rx: AHFS Patient Drug Information contains over 875 drug monographs and includes new and updated black box warnings. Physicians can:

• Build trust with patients by providing useful, understandable information on their medications.
• Improve communication and patient compliance.
• Empower patients to be more active and involved in their treatment.
• New and updated drug information includes:
• Pepcid
• Flonase
• Paxil
• Remicade

With FamilyRx: AHFS Patient Drug Information, positive outcomes are achieved because patients understand the benefits and potential dangers of their medications.

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• Update Policy: Quarterly. This resource is updated quarterly.

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