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This dedicated Dictionary is especially designed to help learners of Syrian / Levantine Arabic speak the dialect spoken in Syria very well, using Latin alphabet, it doesn't only translates words from English into Syrian Arabic and vice versa only, but it conjugates all verbs in many moods, as well as nouns and adjectives. It finds conjugated Syrian Arabic verbs written in Arabic or Latin Alphabet. It was developed mainly to help you speak Syrian Arabic more fluently.

Since there is no standard writing system, modern algorithms were integrated to find most similar words from the dictionary for best experience.

Organize your words and don't forget to review them from time to time.

Learn the language by making some mistakes and gaining experience along the way with 9 Levels of game-like small courses. (More will be added regularly)

There is no audio in this dictionary



Download cracked APK of Syrian Arabic Dictionary ( com.syrianarabic.mustafa_alotbah.syrianarabicdict )

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