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Video Editor and Converter are Video Editor & Music Video Maker and the easiest way to create, edit and share amazing music videos.

The best tools to make a video with music, effect, blur effect to photo and movie video editor.

Video Editor and Converter with Music is an application to make a video with photos and music with effects so cool. Create a profile video and share video photo story with your friends.
With Video Editor and Converter, Very easy to create, edit your video, a movie from the gallery of application.

Video Editor and Converter help you fast and easy to edit, convert to Mp3, grab a photo, remove sound, replace sound from the video.
You have many Videos and you want to edit it with a smartphone, Video Editor will help you do that thing.
Video Editor and Converter bring excellent video editing experience to you on a smartphone.

This application is a comprehensive and powerful video editor and Converter with so many functionalities combined into a single app.

Key Features of This Application:

♫ Audio from Video:
You can extract audio from video.

☘ GIF from Video:
You can make GIF from video and share it with your friends.

⌛ Slow Video:
You can make slow motion video as per your requirement.

☢ Fast Video:
You can make fast motion video as per your requirement.

♫ Mute Video:
You can mute your favorite video.

✂ Cut Video:
You can cut some part of the video as per your requirement.

☸ Resize Video:
You can resize your video size as per your requirement.

ↁ Image from Video:
You can take an image from video at a time.

↻ Rotate Video:
You can rotate video 90,180 or 270 degrees.

ↈ Image Series from Audio:
You can take images from video at a particular interval of time.

◰ Crop Video:
You can crop some part of the video as per your requirement.

◰ Blur Video:
you can specific part blur as per your requirement.

◰ Video Snapshot:
you can snapshot of video and save the image in your video.

◰ Add Background Video:
you can add different background on video and add effect to video.



Download cracked APK of Video Editor and Converter Pro ( com.videopro.photopro.videophotoeditorpro )

Version 1.3
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