Self-destruction Unlocking (wipe files and data)

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The application deletes folders on SDCard and clears the device memory when there are too many wrong screen-unlock attempts.

User can select folders for deletion, and specify limit of wrong screen-unlock attempts.

The application can either simply delete the folder on the memory card, or reset android device to the factory defaults and completely format the memory card.

Before you can begin using the application, you need to add it to the device administrators. And if the application needs to be removed, it must be disabled from the list of device administrators.

Do not set too few unlock attempts. Data can be deleted accidentally.

You can individually set the limit of wrong screen unlock attempts to delete folders on the memory card, and clear the entire memory of the phone.

Works with any type of screen-locks: graphic key, pin, password.



Download cracked APK of Self-destruction Unlocking (wipe files and data) ( com.xfiles.selfdestruction )

Version 1.0
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