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The app offers English (NIV) and Chinese Bible and has some special features as follows:

1. Offers a reading plan which helps user to read whole Bible in one year.
Reading plan starts at Jan. 1st and can be changed to any date.
Users can set check mark when finishing the plan on the date.
2. Offers note storing and querying function.
3. Supports multi-touch gesture zooming on bible message.
4. Sharing your notes on your facebook wall.
5. Supports copy and paste.
6. Backups your notes with Import/Export function.
7. Bookmark anytime.
8. Search verse by keyword.
9. Share Bible verse via multiple ways easily.
10. Reminder alarm.
11. Daily Bible verse.
12. Synchronize your diary in all your devices.

Hope you can find this app helpful. May God bless you!



Download cracked APK of Bible+Diary ( com.yoshisoft.bibleanddiary )

Version 1.7.35
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