DocSense Pro (OCR Text Scanner)

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This is the pro version of the app DocSenze.
* Contains no ads
* Results are more accurate with more number of definitions for a given word.

1.) Take an image from the camera and crop the regions you want the meanings of the words for.
2.) Import any picture containing text or a screenshot from your gallery.
3.) Functionality to set words as favourites. So that you only get what you care for.
4.) Favourites widget for home-screen, to ensure you keep reading those words.
5.) Functionality to use the app from any other app(Overlay), so that you can continue reading your article while you check the meanings of the words in it. Just a few simple steps:
- Give overlay permission to the app by clicking on the overlay button in navigation drawer.
- Just select the text from any app and select copy from the options.
- Wait for sometime and the small view with the meanings pops up.

Note: You will have to give the overlay permission to the app to be able to use the last feature.



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