American Football Manager

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Guide your football team to becoming a perennial contender under your management in this ultra-realistic football simulation. You have full control, from signing, drafting, and trading players to setting your team's lineup and gameday strategies. Additionally, you can hire coaches and coordinators to boost your team's performance in specific areas.

View statistics for both teams and players, as well as box scores from each game to determine what your team needs to make it to the postseason and win a championship. With over 20 different player ratings affecting fully tracked game statistics from every game, evaluate which players will win your team a championship and which to avoid.

How you set your budget will play a big role in how much players want to play for you versus how well your own players develop. It also effects the frequency of some random events, such as a player recovering sooner than expected from injury or a rookie showing unexpected potential. Managing this, as well as your cap space, to ensure your roster has both depth and talent will be the key to your team's success.

Any resemblance to entities or persons (living or dead) is purely coincidental.



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