Dream Journal Ultimate

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A new and exciting way to read and store dreams.
With Dream Journal Ultimate you can:
- Sync dreams across all your devices
- Share dreams to the Dream Wall for the world to see
- Read/Comment/Like user shared dreams on the Dream Wall
- Algorithm based dream analysis: read similar dreams shared by users all over the world
- Secure dreams with a pin password on each device
- Daily dream journal reminder notifications
- Intuitive UI with night themed colors

Logging your dreams in a dream journal or dream diary is one of the most essential steps in becoming a lucid dreamer. Increased dream awareness and recall greatly improve your chances of having a lucid dream.
Dream Journal Ultimate is here to assist you on your journey to understanding your dreams.

There are many more features to come and any suggestions and feedback are welcome.



Download cracked APK of Dream Journal Ultimate ( dreamcapsule.com.dl.dreamjournalultimate )

Version 1.41
tumble zippyshare.com Download
imp userscloud.com Download
Version 1.40.1
hoe zippyshare.com Download
buckles userscloud.com Download
Version 1.37
reign userscloud.com Download
Version 1.36.1
firecharge userscloud.com Download
Version 1.36
clive userscloud.com Download
Version 1.34
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