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Budget Manager is the app for you to track your monthly expenses using the envelope budgeting system.

The app will help you to:

- quickly set up your envelopes, accounts, and payees
- easily create transactions for your expenses
- manage your recurring payments
- schedule envelope-to-envelope fund transfers
- be generally aware of your expenses
- report better on your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly expenses
- see how much you saved in previous months

With this expense tracking app, you are in control of your data. You can back up to and restore from a spreadsheet that is stored locally or in the Cloud - Google Drive(TM) and Dropbox(TM).

Let Budget Manager help you get your finances under control. Give it a try today!



Download cracked APK of Budget Manager ( info.segbay.budgetmgr )

Version 3.2.1
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Version 2.0.2
Heisenberg userscloud.com Download


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