Thunderstorm Simulator

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Summon a thunderstorm on your mobile device. Relax and fall fast asleep to the sounds of rain and thunder. The camera flashes when lightning strikes.


• Strong Thunderstorm — Heavy rain with frequent lightning and thunder nearby
• Normal Thunderstorm — Steady rain with a full range of lightning and thunder
• Weak Thunderstorm — Light rain with occasional lightning and thunder in the distance
• Passing Thunderstorms — Rain and lightning intensity changes as the storms pass


• Toggle rain sound effects
• Change rain audio (default, heavy rain, steady rain, light rain, rain on tin roof)
• Set rain volume
• Toggle thunder sound effects
• Set thunder volume
• Toggle delay thunder
• Toggle lightning light effects
• Change lightning transition effects (short flash, long flash)
• Change lightning/thunder occurrence (default, occasional, normal, frequent)
• Change starting storm for Passing Thunderstorms (weak, normal, strong)
• Change cycle time for Passing Thunderstorms (15 min, 30 min, 60 min)
• Toggle background sounds (birds, cicadas, crickets, frogs)
• Set background volume
• Auto-start and auto-stop thunderstorm

I'd love to hear your thoughts and appreciate you taking the time to rate the app. By leaving a review, I can continue to improve Thunderstorm Simulator and create a great experience for you and future users. Thank you! —Scott



Download cracked APK of Thunderstorm Simulator ( io.scottdodson.thunderstorm.simulator )


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