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Nutrition Pro Manager is the ultimate tool to calibrate the best diet and significantly improve your nutrition knowledge.

The features include
✓ Access to a detailed encyclopedic reference about the main nutrients of the human diet, clicking the menu button of your device, you can choose to show the nutrients by category. For every nutrient is shown also the risk of low intake and\or overdose, and are listed the interactions with others elements that can influence the needed amount due to synergistic or antagonist effect.

✓ Nutrients in foods tool, that allow you to see which foods contains the selected nutrient and the related amount.(This is an informative section therefore are showed all foods regardless vegetarian\vegan selection.)

✓ DRI-RDA-AI diet calculation based on your physical parameters and type of diet (normal, vegetarian or vegan), eventually also pregnancy and lactation conditions are evaluated if selected in your profile.

✓ Nutrient intake calculation for every need, lose weight, muscular building or normal healthy diet.

✓ Accurate energy intake calculation based on your physical parameters and lifestyle.

✓ Daily calorie counter with custom foods checklist support.

✓ Basal Metabolism calculation.

✓ PAL calculation.

✓ BMI, Body Mass Index calculation and evaluation based on the new formula updated with the latest Oxford University's researches, rather than old Quetelet calculation.

✓ Multiple profile support.

✓ Off-line, the app use the connection only to verify the license, after license validation the app doesn't require Internet connection to works.

✓ Totally Ad Free

Simply the best and most comprehensive nutrition app for Android.

The app is available in English and Italian, more translation and functions are coming. Stay tuned.

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